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On the pontoons

Le spot in the Cité

The Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly takes up its summer quarters on the pontoons! Dinghy simulators, a maiden voyage in an Optimist, an ideal introduction to the world of sailing in a Mini JI... something for everyone either ashore or on the water, helping you to set out sailing. A thrilling experience for the whole family!



From 6th July to 31st August
every day
2.00 pm to 6.30 pm


Included in the Cité de la Voile visit


Dinghy simulators  
for younger children


Dinghy simulators, entertaining and thrilling without getting wet!

Securely lashed on jacks that reproduce the movement of waves and water, an Optimist and a Twiner await the valiant sailors ready for this action-packed realistic sailing experience! Set the sail, steer, tack, heel the boat...


This simulator can reproduce everything that a sail boat can do exactly as if it was on water and in real time. Except this time, there’s no chance of getting wet! An instructor is at your side to explain the safety rules and provide a few tips.


Maiden voyage in an Optimist 
for children


A 1,000 m² basin that is fully protected and delimited for Optimist sailors under the watchful eye of a sailing instructor.

All aboard! Feel the glide, the pleasure of steering... it’s time to get out on the water!


Children of all ages will appreciate their first sailing experience in our nautical stadium. The basin is over 1,000 m² and completely protected and delimited. The apprentice sailors will be fully equipped and protected from the sea spray aboard their Optimist and guided by their sailing instructor. Fun times guaranteed!


Introduction to the world of sailing in a ‘Mini JI’ 
for teenagers and adults


Solo racing boats for sailing on the body of water reserved for the Cité de la Voile.


On a delimited body of water, try out a Mini JI! With an instructor, get aboard and sail away on a monohull racing boat. Thrills guaranteed!

under 3 years
3 - 6 years
3 €
7 - 17 years
9 €
Adults 12 €
2 adults + 2 children and more
36 €


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