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Whether you are at Lorient La Base, on the other side of the roadstead or even further afield, make the most of the offers included in your ticket to the Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly. Our partners, such as the Citadel and its museums in Port Louis, the Marine Museum in Brest, the Festival Interceltique or the Manor of Kernault will give you a special welcome after your visit to the Cité de la Voile (and vice versa).



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Our partners will offer you a reduced entrance price on presentation of your ticket.

The Citadelle and its museums



Explore the fortress and its ramparts which also houses two museums: the National Marine Museum and the East India Company Museum whose collections evoke the richness of the trade with East and Southeast Asia and India.


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All year except January

The National Marine Museum



The Marine Museum retraces several centuries of naval history. It is located in the heart of Brest castle and offers sweeping views of the roadstead.


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All year except January

Festival Interceltique de Lorient



The Festival Interceltique is an event featuring Brittany and its music, alongside other Celtic nations. Every year, 10 days of shows, concerts and numerous events, attracts many festival-goers.


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6-16th August 2020

The Manoir de Kernault



The Manoir de Kernault was built in the 15th century and has evolved over time. Various elements, such as traces of Gothic architecture, the half-timbered attic, the seigniorial room and the fish pond, all bear witnesses to its evolution. A themed and informative tour helps you discover and understand the history of this unique site.


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From Avril - October