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School holidays animations



During every school holiday, our guides-animators propose activities for young and old, included in the visit itinerary. The Cité de la Voile in Lorient does everything possible to ensure that you have a wonderful memory of your visit! An outing to enjoy with the family during the holidays...



Autumn holidays

all zones

From Octobre, 17th
to Novembre, 1st

every day


included in the visit


Éric Tabarly 2.30 pm


Cité Cap'Quiz 4 pm


Eric Tabarly, an extraordinary sailor


Our guides will take you on an encounter with this legendary sailor. Beyond his navigational skills, Éric Tabarly proved his ingenuity and innovation in shipbuilding. From one Pen Duick to another, relive the successes and anecdotes associated with this great visionary.

Winter holidays: Daily at 3.00 pm

Spring holidays: Daily at 2.30 pm

Summer holidays: Daily at at 11.30 am and 4.00 pm

Autumn holidays: Daily at 2.30 pm

Christmas holidays: Daily at 2.30 pm

Length 30 mins.

Cité Cap'Quiz


Young and old, test your maritime culture, measure up to other visitors by answering the questions and become the top sailor of the day!

Winter holidays: Daily at 4.00 pm

Spring holidays: Daily at 4.00 pm

Summer holidays: Daily at 5.00 pm

Autumn holidays: Daily at 4.00 pm

Length 30 mins.



With our captain, discover the mechanism of the winch and move on to the complete realization! You build your gear and watch the forces multiply. You will see that this can be useful to hoist a sail!

Summer holidays: Daily at 3.00 pm

Christmas holidays: Daily at 4.00 pm

Length 40 mins.

Bato labo


What does a skipper's pantry look like? What energy sources are available on board? Knots, but for what purpose? How to analyse the weather forecast? What are the right safety reflexes to have at sea? These are all questions that you are asking yourself and that our guides and instructors will be happy to answer around the Bato-labo. A new experience to discover!

Spring holidays: On saturday and sunday at 11.00 am

Length 30 mins.